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    Addressing the Challenges of Sustainable Waste and Materials Management

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    Research, Consulting, Engineering, and Training

    Innovative Waste Consulting Services, LLC was founded in 2005 to bridge research and practice, with the goal of addressing a wide scope of waste and materials management challenges including waste reduction, energy recovery, recycling and beneficial use, life-cycle analyses, and bioreactor design and operation. Our team was founded upon several principles that guide us every day:
    Innovation. We observe and solve emergent waste-related problems at multiple scales using a variety of tools, perspectives, and approaches. 
    Accessibility. We are accessible to our clients and colleagues, and will be a partner in their endeavors rather than simply a vendor.
    Agility. We adapt to rapidly changing conditions and needs of the industry, our partners, and clients.

    We are leaders in the design, operation, and maintenance of bioreactor landfills that recirculate leachate or other liquids.  This is also referred to as a sustainable landfill.

    Bioreactors and Sustainable Landfilling

    Our team has 40+ years combined experience designing, building, and operating bioreactor landfills, unmatched in the industry. 
    Carbon footprinting, CO2 emissions, and designing and operating systems to reduce carbon emissions, including methane and black carbon. Also fast carbon footprinting for industry.

    Climate Change

    We evaluate and develop programs to track and reduce carbon emissions - with specific focus on waste and materials management processes, inclusive of methane production and other short-lived climate pollutants.
    We design and troubleshoot CCR disposal facilities, contact water management systems, find beneficial uses for CCRs including fly ash, bottom ash, boiler slag, flue gas desulfurization sludge, and related byproducts.  We characterize leaching risk using the LEAF method and TCLP and SPLP.

    Coal Combustion Residues Management

    IWCS addresses all sides of the coal combustion residues management spectrum - beneficial use, policy evaluation, disposal facility design, residuals market analysis, and risk evaluation and mitigation.
    We develop and license intellectual property for managing waste materials, evaluate new waste management technologies, provide third party review of proposed technologies, and examine life-cycle impacts of new technologies in combination with current management systems.

    Research and Development

    One of our guiding principles is to develop services, products, and technologies that represent the leading edge of the waste and materials management industry. 
    We have completed projects on four continents.  We lead capacity-building efforts for waste and materials management systems, assess risk from electronic waste management, design sanitary landfills and environmental control systems, evaluat and implement new waste management technologies, and evaluate and develop recycling programs.

    Global Waste and Materials Management

    Our team truly has a global reach - we travel extensively and actively pursue international opportunities in developed and developing countries.  This gives us an unmatched perspective on waste and materials management issues that benefits our domestic and international clients.
    We develop recycling programs, audit existing recycling programs, identify opportunities to increase recycling rates, identify waste reduction opportunities, audit municipal, commercial, and industrial waste streams, conduct specialized waste audits for high-risk waste components including lead-based paint debris and asbestos-containing materials.  We develop and evaluate LCA models of materials management processes and complex waste systems.

    Recycling and Sustainable Materials Management

    We identify, enhance, and develop recycling and beneficial use opportunities.  Let our experience and expertise guide your community or organization to implement programs and systems to manage materials more sustainably by addressing economic, environmental, and social considerations through field evaluations, life-cycle analysis modeling, and program data and information reviews.
    We develop mobile apps, integrate tablet and mobile device technology with routine waste handling facility operations, identify new technologies to conduct routine monitoring, and develop field methods to more accurately monitor and model waste processes.

    App Development and Technology Integration for Waste and Materials Management Managers and Facilities

    We have a proven record of helping our clients leverage the latest technology to improve solid waste educational programs, increase efficiency of recordkeeping and compliance, and create tools to enhance their brand.   
    We design and permit facilities that manage waste materials, including landfills, organics processing facilities, recyclables processing facilities, and anaerobic digestion technologies.  We provide operations audits, process audits, and compliance reviews.  We develop and lead landfill mining efforts, design leachate collection systems, biogas collection systems, and associated energy production systems.

    Solid Waste Engineering

    We design and permit waste/materials processing facilities, landfills, develop waste composition studies, execute biogas collection and beneficial use projects, and remediation systems including landfill mining.  We also audit operating facilities and provide actionable steps to improve environmental performance and reduce costs.

    Is IWCS a Good Fit for You?

    The strength of IWCS comes from the skills, commitment, and drive of exceptional people. We are always actively seeking high achievers – regardless of degree – with a passion for addressing the challenges of safe and sustainable waste and materials management. We offer a supportive environment with outstanding opportunities for professional growth and rewarding research and project challenges that allow you to make a real impact. Please use our Contact Page to tell us about yourself.

    Available Position

    We are looking for an environmental engineer to help with

    • Designing and overseeing construction of landfills.
    • Identify, analyze, solve problems 
    • Peer reviews of projects.
    • Analyzes monthly environmental reports,
    • Managing required environmental sampling, reporting.
    • Evaluate client facility operating records.
    • Supervise landfill monitoring, operation, maintenance of gas extraction/leachate management systems.
    • Oversee environmental systems.


    Masters Environmental Engineering required.

    Jobsite: Gainesville, FL

    Send resume to pjain@iwcs.biz.



    Our team includes a tremendous group of engineers, analysts, scientists, and innovators with backgrounds in waste management, life cycle analysis, and related environmental disciplines.
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    Sustainable Practices for Landfill Design and Operation

    IWCS principals recently published a new book that provides the first comprehensive picture on sustainable or bioreactor landfills, drawing upon their four decades of research and operational experience. Click here to download a flyer describing the book's contents!
  • Landfill Airspace Calculator

    Click the button below to check out our new App on the Google Play store, Waste Space!  The app is a tool that allows you to quickly calculate the capacity of a disposal facility for a variety of configurations based on user inputs.  Enjoy!

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